The sport of triathlon isn’t just an event composed of three individual disciplines in succession.  It is instead a lifestyle focused on achieving what many think would be impossible.  A lifestyle that requires those who wish to accomplish their goals to willingly put their physical and mental capabilities to the test.  It’s for this reason that we are THE TRI LIFE!

After always striving to excel, to be competitive, and to push his body to the limits, Justin Ferreira found the passion, drive, ambition, and perseverance of his fellow triathletes to be inspirational and decided he could share his experiences and knowledge of the swim, bike, run lifestyle to help motivate those around him in reaching their goals.  Turns out this idea resonated with many and thus, THE TRI LIFE was born.

Today we continue our passion with the following manta; “The road to success is long and narrow, but hard work and dedication will allow ANYONE to achieve their goals!” With a target on beginner and intermediate triathletes, we like to think we have helped many stay the course, keep pushing, and ultimately reach their goals. But there is a lot more to come!  And although a triathlon is ultimately an individual sport, we can all help each other reach their purest potential. 

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