bauerfeind - Compression socks

If you haven’t been using compression or performance socks for your training and racing, now is really the time to check them out!  I’m hardly the athlete that likes to add a bunch of extra “stuff” to my training equipment, but after using these compression socks from Bauerfeind, I could immediately see the difference!  As we all get older, our muscles get tighter and take longer to recover.  The Bauerfeind compression socks have decreased the stiffness/soreness after my runs!

In addition, the compression on my feet, ankles, Achilles and calves feels great while running.  It feels as if everything is secured, supported and aligned, allowing me to focus on my stride and pushing myself further.  As a distance/endurance athlete, the feeling of support really goes a long way during the extra miles of the training.

Lastly, the science behind performance socks has really come a long way.  It’s not so much if they help, but how much. I really enjoy running in the Bauerfeind compression socks and they have a bunch of other products aimed at helping all types of athletes reduce the pain associated with sport.

Check them out and happy training!

Instagram: @bauerfeindusa

JLab audio

Some triathletes have recently asked The Tri Life about headphones and what brand is the best for training... While we haven't tried every headphone out there, we do have a favorite!

JLab Audio is awesome!  They have a very complete line of workout focused headphones and earbuds that all have great sound, are sweat-resistant and can hold up against the demanding nature of triathlon training.  Their headphone design has also solved one of the most annoying parts of running, when the headphones pop out!

In addition to the above and being relatively inexpensive, they are constantly looking for constructive criticism on their designs.  So when you end up trying them out, don't hesitate to let them know what you think.

Take a look at their stuff! My favorite are the Epic Bluetooth Earbuds.  They are great!

Instagram: @jlabaudio


Snaplaces is the solution to a problem all triathletes face!  Wasting time in T2!  These laces are great for all levels of triathletes!  Once you have switched them in, they are set forever.

The biggest thing is saving time and energy tying your laces and getting the correct tightness.  They are ready to go and slip on quick for your fastest T2!  

Check them out! 
Instagram: @snaplaces



The guys over at Farrar Hills really put together something special here!  In my mind, they are succeeding in creating sportswear that performs while looks great.

The Trackster shirt, shown to the right, may look like any other workout shirt, but it's a good thing runners don't judge a book by its cover.  This shirt is one of the softest I've ever worn and felt cool throughout an entire hot and muggy run!

The Street Fighter shorts, also shown to the right, really did it for me! The perfect length, light and comfortable!  Almost felt as if I wasn't wearing anything.  Plus, they have a small zippered pocket in the back. Perfect for a key, card, and some cash.

Looking forward to trying out the Farrar Racer Jacket next!

Check them out!
Instagram: @farrarhills

rollertek - RTPRO massager kit

Rolling and massaging post workouts has really gained momentum over the past few years.  I will admit, I am a late comer to this type of recovery, but it has grown on me quickly.  As the pain and tightness builds up from the long swims, rides, and runs demanded of all levels of triathletes, rolling out can do wonders to your recovery time and help you feel fresh for tomorrow's exercise!  

One company I like to use and have helped me along the way is RollerTek.  They are coming up with a bunch of great products that can cater to every athlete's preferences!  I have been using the Massager Kit to search and destroy tightness in my upper and lower calfs.  Also, the guys and gals at RollerTek are pretty cool and gave me a code for anyone to use! 25% off!  

Check them out! 
Web: (Use Code: "TheTriLife" for 25% off)
Twitter: @RollerTek



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